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Smart and Knowledgeable Parents

Every parent wants their children to be smart and knowledgeable, but sometimes they struggle with choosing the right method to stimulate their kids. We have compiled a list of successful methods on how to “force” children to study, without becoming their enemy.

Method 1. The remuneration of the child

This method is an innovative one; and parents can use it to stimulate their children to do homework and other tasks. So basically, you promise your child that you’re going to give them sweets/toys/trips to Disney Land if they get their homework done or get good grades. You have to be aware that the remuneration has to be chosen commensurate with the task that you give to your child.

Method 2. Do not scold your child for failures

You cannot give a present for failure, but you don’t need to get mad at your child. You need to help your child to understand that it happens to everyone and that they have to move on. You need to explain that they have to make a better effort next time and try harder to avoid this situation from happening again.

Method 3. Do not try to make your child a child prodigy

Don’t force your child to study because it can have the opposite effect and your child will lose motivation to study. Your child will start associating studying with something boring and exhausting.

Method 4. Do not play the role of overseer.

If you see that your child struggles with some tasks, you can help. Explain how to do it. It will build you relationship with them; they will be working to meet your expectations because they will know that you believe in them.

One more suggestion: Don’t say to your child that they cannot do something! With these words you show your child that you don’t believe in them. So they will even stop trying to do something new because, even before starting, they will already “know” that they won’t succeed.

Trust in your children, believe in them and support them no matter what because parents’ love is unconditional and all forgiving.

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