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Safer Easier Spring Break

Spring break is right around the corner! This means traveling for thousands of students all around the United States. Nowadays, kids want more than just sleepovers and sporadic visits to the park. For them, it’s all about excitement: going to the beach, visiting amusement parks and camping/hiking adventures. We want to make sure that your children are not only safe during school time, but also when they are taking a well-deserved break from it. This is why we’ve made a list of five essentials all parents should pack for their children.


Who knows more about how costly life is than hard-working parents like you? Eating out almost every meal of the day, buying snacks from the vending machines and buying tickets for the arcades require a considerable amount of money. Regardless if you take your children with you or not, it is always important to give them a couple of dollars in case of an emergency.

Cell Phone and an Extra Charger

It is super important to keep in mind that not all parents agree on providing their children with cell phones and that is totally fine! In this case, a cell phone would be used as a safety measure. Providing your child with a cell phone while on vacations will give you peace of mind; knowing that you can contact him/her all the time and, if they’re traveling with you, you can definitely reach them easily in case they get lost or there is an emergency in which you are not present. Extra chargers are important to ensure that the phones will be available when needed.

Extra Clothes

Keep in mind that spring break for your children means: fun! They don’t really care about eating their ice cream and then cleaning the mess with their shirts. Also, sudden weather changes and bad weather days require you to be prepared to keep them warm and clean. This is why packing extra clothes is crucial to ensure an awesome spring break experience for both you and your beloved children.

Healthy Snacks

Long car rides, lots of connecting flights and long layovers? You need to fuel your children with healthy snacks! We want them to enjoy this time to ensure that they’ll go back to school with all their batteries loaded. This is why you must make sure to keep them fed with healthy snacks.


Heading to the beach? Don’t forget to bring your floating devices and sand toys. Heading to the forest? Don’t forget to bring your tent and a couple extra sleeping bags to ensure that your child will feel comfortable and will enjoy every minute of this adventure! Regardless of where you’re going, make sure you think about all the possible scenarios so you bring all the necessary tools.

And remember: Have fun!

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