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Classroom teacher

Oh, the days and time that go into being a teacher…  Don’t get me wrong, teachers go into teaching because they LOVE children and want to help them learn. Most teachers know what they are getting into as far as long workdays, planning during their family time and weekend grading. They still do it. Why? Because they truly believe they can make a difference. That’s where teacher appreciation comes in to play.

As a former educator myself, I was not only a classroom teacher but; a counselor, a nurse, a parenting mediator, a health mentor…you get the point. Your child’s teacher works SO incredibly hard for your little one because they deeply care for him or her. 

How can you reward them when given the opportunity? So glad you asked. As much as we appreciate any token of thanks, there are only so many mugs, chocolates, body washes and holiday ornaments we can use or consume. Said with a truly grateful grin. 

I’ll just make this super easy for you. Teachers’ love: 

1. Gift cards to a large retail store or coffee shop (Most of us drink A LOT of coffee).

This is something we will %100 percent use. And it helps in our day to day at school. Because ya know… caffeine. Starbucks, Dunkin or a local coffee shop are suggested. Major points for noticing what your Teacher already drinks… if it’s from home, choose a different gift option below.

Teacher with coffee

2. A manicure or pedicure gift card.

This is one not seen very often. It is a very gracious gift because it is solely for us to have some relaxation time. We appreciate that very, very much. 

3. A good bottle of wine.

I know, not the stereotypical gift. Hey, that is why we love it! Friday and a nice glass of wine…. We will thank you for that! Bonus points: using custom Teacher wine labels! Teacher appreciation winning!

4. A beautifully handwritten thank you from your little one.

We LOVE our students. A note is something your child’s teacher will cherish and probably keep for years. It is near and dear to us. (& might make us cry)

Child writing Teacher thank you note

5. Supplies/ books for the classroom OR Bonus points: Volunteer in the classroom.

Most of the time, these come from our personal budgets. Are you a room mom or dad that notices our books are looking a bit roughed up? Or we are low on pencils? Overall, we appreciate when parents chip in for these classroom necessities. Amazon now offers many bulk supplies and books. Extra points if you volunteer your time! I loved having parents come help in the classroom. It was a great way for them to experience what their child’s day is like and for me to get to know the parents more.

Gift cards are typically the best route and are quick and easy. I remember even just a $5 coffee shop gift card would make my day. Regardless and all joking aside, we appreciate any thoughts and gifts of appreciation and appreciate you for even thinking of us. It’s just who we are.

for those still curious

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