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Blogging 101

Want to give your children a head start on their writing and tech skills? There is no better way to do this than to help them start a blog of their own! There are rules that prohibit children under 13 to start a website/blog, but many websites do not have restrictions. is the site I would recommend to have your child begin their blog. Moms and teachers, here are some more good sites for your children and students to use to start their blogs.

You will need to monitor their writing and activity on their blog to ensure they do not reveal any personal information. This is extremely important and can be a gateway to teaching your children about Internet safety. You can begin by finding a topic that they would like to write about. Maybe your child has a hobby they are passionate about and would like to share with the world. Encourage them to get creative and write about something that matters to them. This is a great way for children to figure out exactly what it is that they love doing.

There are many resources online that you can share with your children to help them create their blog and understand a website. These computer skills will be extremely beneficial for your child down the road. They will feel more confident in their tech skills, while having an outlet to express their creativity.

Blogging will also allow you and your child to spend time together collaborating. Help them come up with ideas or projects for their next posts. Doing a craft together after school and then helping them write about it will be both fun and rewarding!

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