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The 2020-2021 School year brought many changes for schools around the country—closures, online teaching, remote learning, pandemic precautions, etc. Along with the not so great, it brought a bit of good in the form of various grants and funds like the CARES act to help schools deal with the crises.

We have created a whitepaper to demystify these funding opportunities and show you how your school could apply for and use them. The CARES and CRRSA Act Support for K12 Schools in 2020-2023 Whitepaper will tell you everything you need to know about the different funds, acts, and grants: How to apply for them, when you can expect, and how you can use them. 

Download the Whitepaper, now!

Fill out this form to download and read the whitepaper! 

Did you know PikMyKid has new features for ‘Daily Health Check-in’ for kids and staff? Or that our apps also help with social distancing during dismissal and drop off? 

Our Daily Health Check-In feature enables your school to track COVID or other virus-related questions.

  • Does your child have a fever of more than 100 degrees Fahrenheit? 
  • Do they have a cough or runny nose? 

These are just a sample of the questions that your school can use. This feature is completely customizable, so your staff can tailor the questions to current and future needs. 

The PikMyKid Dismissal app and software that schools have come to trust and adore verifies a socially distant daily dismissal! Our parent app features help parents make dismissal changes – whether by mode of transportation, who’s picking up the child, or any other required changes. 

On the software’s school staff side, all involved members can watch, facilitate, and analyze every dismissal and optimize social distancing. 

The best part is that our features qualify to be purchased through all the grant funding mentioned above!

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