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Every child needs a favorite toy

Every child in the world has their favorite toy. For some kids, it’s a car or a doll but for most children it’s stuffed animals. Children see a stuffed animal as a symbol of protection or best friend. Most children love to sleep with a stuffed animal during the night because this is when a child feels most vulnerable or defenseless.

When I was young, my parents bought me a stuffed bunny for Christmas. I was so excited I almost cried! My parents explained to me how important my bunny was. My bunny, Fluffy, became my new best friend. We did everything together, including eating and traveling. Most importantly, I slept with her every night.

Many children feel safer when they hold or hug a stuffed animal. This instinct comes from early childhood. Many times when the child is crying for their mom or dad and they are given a teddy bear to hold, this action made the child stop crying. A favorite toy is very important for the formation of your child. An average child’s personality usually forms around 5 to 6 years old. A stuffed animal teaches children how to communicate with humans. Theoretically, it is possible to influence the future of your child by purchasing toys that will help become their future selves.

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