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Trick or Treat…..

The PikMyKid team used their creativity to have an in-house Halloween party! We were all impressed by each other’s costumes and the thought and time that went into them. We were even highlighted in the Tampa Bay Biz Journal (here)!

It was a great day at the office, filled with laughter, food, and sweet treats. We sat down and had lunch together, which gave us time to discuss our Halloween plans and how we came up with our costumes (some were even homemade).

If you are looking for inspiration for next year’s Halloween costume, below are all of our costumes. Take a look, tell us your favorite in the comment section!

Our “un-burger-lievable” Customer Service Team

Hamburger Costume

“I liked Claudette’s costume the best because eating food is her favorite activity so it fits her personality.”
– Syndey, Implementation Director

Argh, School Safety Specialists

School Safety Specialist Office Costumes

“I liked Natalie’s costume because she’s corny!”
– Tonya, School Safety Specialist

CE-Old, Pat Bhava


“My favorite costume was Pat’s because it felt very real and original.”
– Sandra, Customer Success

“I liked Pats Costume because it was the most realistic. He was able to fool the company employees into thinking there was a visitor for the day.”
– Claudette, Implementation Specialist

Yeah, umm…

Office Space Halloween Costume

My favorite was Jonathan, it was spot on, he even had a matching mug!!
– Emily, Marketing Director

Have you seen office space? Jonathan hit it out of the park with his best “Lumberg” costume.

A Marketing Giraffe, in its natural habitat

Giraffe Halloween Costume

Talk about a variety of costumes, right? We all did not discuss what we were dressing up as, as each person arrived we got to laugh and be surprised. It was a blast!

How does your office celebrate? Stay tuned next year, we are going to have a Halloween costume contest at our office!

Office Costumes
The PikMyKid team all dressed up!

for those still curious

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