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Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) is an important step forward to improve the education system. The goal of Title 1 is to provide a higher quality of education for every child. Schools work to identify students who are most in need of educational help. Schools then set goals for improvement, measure student progress using standards set forth in the state’s Title I plan, and develop programs that add to regular classroom instruction, while involving parents in all aspects of the program. Title 1 schools use PikMyKid for various reasons as below.

The ESSA (Every Student Succeeds Act) law requires that all Title 1 schools and families work together to provide: Extra instructional time and supports for students, additional teachers and paraprofessionals to reduce class size, specialized instructional methods and purchase of teaching equipment and supplies, after-school and summer programs, and a school Level Parent & Family Engagement Plan.

How PikMyKid Can Help

When Title 1 schools use PikMyKid, it engages parents in every activity of their students from daily take-home activities, progress checks, adding students to additional after school programs after dismissal and daily pick up schedule updates. Since all the communications are online using the PikMyKid dashboard, there is an audit trail for all progress updates and teachers have more time for classroom sessions.

-Our Advanced Check-in features allows parents to safely know where students are at all times. Kids can be checked in to multiple programs, and record of the amount of time spent there.

-Parent information and phone numbers are always updated using our app, allowing them to remain connected to the school.

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-Having multiple family members pick up students can be a lot to manage. With PikMyKid, schedules can be set up in advance and parents know who is picking up their child.

-Another important component of our platform is our emergency alert system and audit trails. Title 1 schools can keep track of where a child is when it matters most.

-Classroom visitation and Parent-Teacher Conferences can help schools communicate these initiatives to parents but to continue engagement schools need to engage multiple modes like text, email, phone calls, or our parent messenger. Title 1 schools use PikMyKid to engage parents effectively through the App.

Title 1 schools use PikMyKid for after school activity

At the end of the day, PikMyKid checks out the requirements for safety, increases instruction time, parent engagement, and enhances the visibility of enrichment programs by parents.

We are so thankful for the amazing work and support done by our Title 1 schools, and we are happy to help them any way that we can! Schedule a demo to learn more today!

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