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School Safety Meets Technology

In the day and age it is difficult to imagine a world without technology. We have become so accustomed to using technology that it would become a hassle to not have that ability.Technology is all around us. As an expert in this field, I am able to give a first hand account of the innovations we use every day at PikMyKid. We work hard to stay up-to-date on the newest technology in order to evolve our system to be the industry setting standard for school dismissal. We use the state-of-the-art technologies every day to ensure the highest level of safety for schools and their students.

The PikMyKid team takes security and safety very seriously. Our number one goal is to help make and keep students safer at the end of the school day. We host our client data securely and exclusively in ISO 27001 and FERPA compliant data centers. We also use enterprise grade firewalls to prevent unauthorized access to our servers. Using SSL (TLS only) for all requests sent from our various applications to our servers to ensure all your data is securely encrypted during transmission. Our goal is to keep your child’s information as secure as possible allowing schools to provide quality education while we take care of the security details for them. We do not use biometrics of any student. Our application runs in Microsoft IIS, using a principle of least privilege. As a practice we allow only specific protocols and ports to communicate with our servers and thus many protocols are disabled by default, allowing the minimum attack surface area to be exposed. Application layer security is provided through accounts using authentication protocols that uniquely identify each user of the system and require each user to have a strong password and limited access.

Using this authentication we are able to specify different levels of authorization for our various user types as well as individual users. There is never a question of who is picking up your child. Your child is always picked up by you or the individual who was securely delegated to do so. We want to always ensure that a child is leaving school with someone they know, and that they never accidentally get in a wrong car. Guaranteeing that the students are getting home safely as well as quickly. Patches and updates are applied regularly to all our servers to prevent new exploits from being used to gain access to our system. Keeping our system secure is our goal. PikMyKid technology is trusted among numerous schools. We have practically perfected our safety measures and are confident in the security we have developed to protect students. We pride ourselves on excellence when it comes to our standards for safety, and we plan to never let this falter.

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