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Technology in the Classroom

With Thanksgiving right behind us and the Holiday peering around the corner, lines in stores are crowding and sales are about to live on stores all throughout the web.

Cyber Monday is a newer trend resulting from the growing use and need of technology.  This growing use is not limited to just retail, however; education has adopted the implication of technology into lesson plans.  Cyber Monday is a reminder how far technology has come into our everyday lives– but it’s just that, don’t limit cyber lessons to just one day, celebrate Cyber Everyday!


Technology introduces different learning styles

When exposing students to different styles, technology is debatably one of the most important.  Technology is growing at an accelerated speed and student’s are going to have to adapt their learning habits based around technology.  Introducing them early avoids a shock later on in their education.

Tech savvy students prepares for a more successfully developed society

Over the past few years we have become a technology-dependent society with no signs of that pattern disappearing.  If we prepare students to learn how to delve into the realm of technology, will make them overall better citizens when they enter the real world.

Technology makes the classroom more exciting for everyone involved

Students tend to learn better when they are actively engaged with the content they are learning.  Technology is an ever-expanding brand offering aspects that can excite all of the diverse minds in the classroom, including the teacher!

Teachers are giving the students greater responsibility

Technology gives students up to date information right at their fingertips, but it also allows excessive distractions.  This could be dangerous, but making it a teaching tool gives students the sense of priority early in their life; a skill they can consistently maintain, making it easier to fight off technological distractions.

Technology saves paper

Is your school trying to go green?  Are you promoting an environmental-friendly classroom?  Start with technology.  It eliminates the use of paper text books, it reduces paper waste and replacing paper documents and textbooks with e-forms saves money.

Did You Know?

PikMyKid makes the school dismissal process easier with the use of technology. PikMyKid keeps teachers and administration organized while it keeps parents at ease. With the application, parents receive real time updates and teachers have the ability to send alerts when each child is dismissed; all while administration can send live notifications regarding any school emergencies.

PikMyKid understands the importance of technology, but more importantly, understands the importance of education for your child.  PikMyKid is taking strides towards a better education system by integrating technology with school dismissal in order to keep the focus of education on each child.

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