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Florida School Safety and Active Shooter Workshop Give Educators the Tools to Put Safety First.

PikMyKid School Safety Workshop banner
PikMyKid School Safety Workshop Banner
PikMyKid School Safety Workshop Schedule
Pikmykid School Safety Workshop Schedule

In this Pikmykid School Safety Workshop, attendees will receive training on responding to an active shooter, pre-incident preparation, as well as everyday school safety measures. Participating staff will also earn certificates upon completion of the course.

Both organizations have a comprehensive background in School Safety and Disaster Preparedness. It makes them exceptionally qualified to train and speak on these topics.

MERIT Active shooter course description:

This 4-hour course capsule is specifically designed to train schools to respond appropriately to active shooters. In many cases, there is no pattern or method to the selection of victims by an active shooter; these situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. DPREP offers training to better prepare school staff to deal with an active shooter situation by raising awareness of pre-incident indicators and characteristics of active shooters. Attendees will be presented with case studies, training videos and a presentation.

The school leaders will leave with the knowledge and practical skills to better prepare and respond to active shooter scenarios. They will also understand the importance of the  “Stop the Bleed,” immediate bystander care for the injured.  Attendees may participate in a hands-on drill at the end of the presentation. Doing so will incorporate the tactics learned during the training session. This training will be part of this Pikmykid School Safety Workshop.

Understanding the Complexities of Student Release/Reunification 

Student release and reunification after a crisis can be one of the scariest and yet most difficult tasks a school can be faced with. Release and reunification is the safe and controlled process for returning students back to their parents or guardians. Unlike fire and earthquake drills, release and reunification drills are more problematic to practice.  This Level 1 workshop was created to specifically train all school personnel and provide them with tools and knowledge in the process of effective student release and reunification. In the second half of the day, Pikmykid School Safety Workshop’s Participating staff will be given information on the latest methods and technology to assist them during a potential crisis that requires a student release and reunification.

Equip your school with the latest safety measures with DPREP and Pikmykid by registering here

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