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PikMyKid in action at Schools

Schools love using Pikmykid– watch this video and find out why!

If you are a school administrator and would like to get more information about Pikmykid and how it could benefit your school click here.

Once a school comes on board, Pikmykid defines a virtual ‘geofence’ of approx 200 yds around the school. During dismissal, the Pikmykid system automatically identifies parents as they are entering the ‘geofence’ and sequences cars so the school staff can prepare students for dismissal in an orderly manner. All students stay safe and warm indoors during dismissal without interfering with the traffic outside. Pikmykid also triggers real-time alerts to parents when their children get in a car, school bus, or leave campus to walk home.

Schools love Pikmykid because it has the ability to create the maximum socio-economic impact within the school community and improve safety at various levels at a minimal upfront cost. With Pikmykid, research has shown that schools have consistently observed reduced traffic congestion, increased carpooling among parents, and created safer processes for kids to walk home after-school, thus creating a more healthy and sustainable school community.

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