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Shooting Stars Foundation is working with a couple of local teens to help Teen start-ups kick start their own business- with a little help from Pikmykid.

Palm Harbour University High School students Ayush Pai and Krish Asknani, have partnered with the Shooting Star Foundation to help Teen Start-ups. They help expand their third week-long business boot-camp for kids their own age. 

“The Shooting Stars foundation helped spark my own passion for entrepreneurship”

Ayush Pai

 Now, they are giving back. 

The Camp Schedule

The camp helps burgeoning entrepreneurs/teen start-ups to learn the skillsets needed to start and run your own company. All of the ins and outs such as working with start-ups, investors, and established corporations to refine and develop their own plan. The camp culminates in a pitch competition. This is where campers compete using the skills they’ve learned in order to impress the board of judges. They could also attract potential investors to their start-up.

Teen start-ups
Photo courtesy Shooting Stars Foundation 

The workshops include speakers from Tech Data, Nielsen, Skynet Healthcare, Tampa Bay Innovation Center. It also included our own PikMyKid & CEO, Pat Bhava. 

Pai adds, “I did this camp myself, and it helped me start my own company, Rentathon along with my co-founder Krish Asknani. Saravana Pat Bhava helped us with the prototyping of the app, who is also serving as a judge on Pitch Day.”

Registration for the camp is currently open to rising 8th-graders. The cost is $50- with all proceeds going towards providing education to disadvantaged students in developing countries. The Shooting Stars Foundation has already raised more than $30,000 for the cause nationwide. 

“It was immensely satisfying to work with highly motivated high school students. It was fun to help them bring to life their startup ideas into the real world”

– Pat Bhava, Founder PikMyKid

Below are some details about the summer camp. You can register at the link here.

Teen start-ups Summer Camp details

for those still curious

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