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The 2020 pandemic has led the entire Ed-Tech industry to pause and evaluate our systems and protocols. Particularly in the realm of daily health checks for students getting back to schools. We at Pikmykid are proud to continue solving problems through Technological Innovation. 

Our mission is to enable the safety of kids and drive a positive change in our communities. To continue that mission, our team, with the help of educators, has worked hard to expand our solutions for the new normal brought about by COVID-19.

We’re proud to announce that our Daily Health Check-In Module is now Live. It is available on the Pikmykid Platform at no additional cost!

This feature will help practice social distancing during morning drop off, and limit visitors on campus. It also allows for daily health checks to be conducted by the school via custom questionnaires on the parent app.

Safer Back to School With Daily Health Screenings

Future school years have continued to be very different. COVID-19 is still raging, and we’re all learning how to co-exist in a world ravaged by this pandemic. 

Health Checks and Parents

We are equipping the Pikmykid parent app with a customizable health questionnaire that will simplify the process. This questionnaire takes only couple of seconds to complete, but the information gathered is crucial to fighting the pandemic. 

The School and District Side of the Software

On the school and district dashboards, school administrators can see a variety of statistics about their students’ health. This data can be monitored on a daily basis to increase the safety of kids at your school.

school dashboard for health check-in

On your school dashboard, school staff can also enter student check-ins and temperature notations without using the parent app. This enables dual inputs , regardless of whether parents have a smartphone or not. 

school and districts manage the process from computers

COVID-19 has also taught us that constant monitoring and prevention is the best way to slow community spread. Daily Health check-ins will enable school administrators and health officials to mitigate risk of infection at schools.

Start Using The Health Check-In Features!

To learn more about using this feature, click here to set up a demo with us. 


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