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A school has fixed working hours and mostly the teachers, teaching in a K-12 school are free for few hours in the latter half of the day. Some of them also search for part-time jobs so that their day is better utilized and they can earn some passive income.

A degree in education does not mean that you can only work as a teacher in a school. There are various other options which you can pursue as a part-time job. School teachers along with having a degree in education, develop ample skills while teaching students. Analyzing new information, handling children, learning child psychology, communicating effectively, leadership quality, in-depth knowledge of a topic, etc., are some of the high-valued skills that the school teachers develop while teaching students. These skills are demanded in many organizations for doing other jobs, apart from teaching.

Many school teachers do not realize the importance or value of the skills they have developed while teaching to the outside world. A school teacher, with the skills she has developed along with having a degree in education, can perform several other jobs. There are a plethora of opportunities for part-time jobs, where they can work either remotely or go to the office. They do not have to leave their teaching job for this. They can continue their teaching job and can also earn some passive income. So, if you are a school teacher and you want to earn some passive income while continuing your K-12 job, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I will jot down the top 10 best part-time jobs for school teachers which you can do along with following your passion for teaching at a school.

List of 10 best part-time jobs for teachers in 2020

To make this list of the 10 best part-time jobs available for school teachers, many job alternatives were looked upon and were analyzed intensely. Subsequently, those jobs were selected which had similar traits with teaching K-12 jobs. It was found that an educational degree and the experience a school teacher has can be required for any job. Lastly, the jobs were filtered and finally, we came up with this list of the best 10 best part-time jobs for teachers in 2020.

1. Career counselor

The first job on our list is as a career counselor. Being a career counselor, you can work part-time in any career center or set up camps in different colleges or government organizations. You can even set up your own career counseling camp at your home or you may rent a space for that and sit there after your school shift is over. Creating an online portal for career counseling is a great alternative option. You can also advertise in various print media and can first evaluate the clients on phone and then can meet them face to face at their location for a more personalized approach. All this can be done post your school shift.

The objective of a career counselor is much similar to the objective of a school teacher. In both cases, you are determined to assist people in choosing the correct path so that they can achieve immense success in the future. They also assist you in developing appropriate skills that can benefit you for your progress in the future. So I shall rank career counselor as the topmost job in which a school teacher can start part-time, as it helps them to earn a decent amount of money. School teachers have a wide knowledge of academic subjects and how they can help you to achieve your goals in the future. They know the thinking process of students and can analyze what is the best option for them.

2. School Safety Consultant

The next in the list is the job of a school safety consultant. There are many challenges faced by school organizations. It is the primary responsibility of the schools to make their school environment safe for their students. There are many firms providing the services of a school safety consultant along with a suite of school safety software applications like Kidio. You will have to search for a firm that is offering this service for a long time and has a good reputation in the market for providing a great service. Many school safety consultants firms offer part-time jobs. The school teachers are associated with the school most closely, so who is better than a school teacher for this job.

A school teacher knows how to conduct a safety review at schools and maintain the safety of the school environment. With the experience of teaching, many school safety consultants providing firms will be ready to offer you part-time jobs. This job pays well and also helps make schools safer. I rank this job as the second-best part-time jobs for teachers in 2020. Safe heavens international provides school safety consulting services to a large number of schools located at different places. For more details, you can visit

3. Independent School Sales Consultant

The third best part-time job for teachers in 2020 is the job of an independent school sales consultant. If you are a passionate teacher and looking for avenues for gaining some passive income, then this job is the right one for you. If this seems interesting, then a Leading Ed-Tech Company is looking for some school teachers to hire as an Independent School Sales Consultant. Their job description includes representing PikMyKid in the schools in your locality and basically, you will be selling to schools their dismissal automation solution. If you receive any queries about the working or functioning of PikMyKid then you will have to answer those queries. This job is commission-based and you will be paid for each successful sale. They pay a whopping thirty percent commission on every sale. However, they do not provide any base salary.

The school teachers who are good at communication and have a good sales outlook are most suited for this job. This is a part-time job opportunity which you can do after your school hours. If you think that you are a smart, empathic and competitive school teacher and want to earn a passive income along with earning your regular income by doing your K-12 job, then this is the best opportunity for you. You must grab this opportunity before it is gone. This job doesn’t require the teacher to have any prior experience in sales. The most important thing is the job of a sales consultant is your communication skills and school teachers develop this skill while teaching to students. So, they are best suited for this job. You can reach out to them here:

4. Academic Adviser

Academic advisors are similar to career consultants but instead of counseling on the career, they counsel or advice on higher education. They analyze students to understand their subject preferences. Accordingly, they then assist them in choosing further studies that they should take up and motivate them to pursue further education. They can be found in schools or colleges or universities etc., to provide academic guidance. There are special classes or camps arranged by the schools, colleges or universities which are generally after the working hours of the school. As a school teacher, a person develops the skill of understanding the mindset of students. So, they can better understand and assist them in resolving their confusion as to which field they should choose or which studies should they further pursue.

School teachers also have effective communication skills and they can communicate well to the students as well as to the parents what may be correct for them. School teachers have a humongous experience in the field of education and also in dealing with students. This makes a school teacher a perfect candidate for this job. So, if you think, you can handle the students face to face and can solve the dilemmas going on in their head, understand their aspirations and assist them in achieving success in the future, then this is the best part-time job for you. Cincinnati State provides opportunities for part-time Academic advisor jobs. For more details on the same, you can visit their website

5. Curriculum Developer/Academic Content Developer

Curriculum development needs an in-depth knowledge of the subject for which content is required to be developed and who can have an in-depth knowledge of the content other than a teacher who has been teaching the subject day in and day out. There are many companies who are searching for content developers for the development of the content of various subjects. You can take this on the basis of freelancing or on the basis of an assignment. It is one of the best ways to earn passive income. As a school teacher, you are teaching a subject to a student and you know the coverage of the curriculum and what exactly should be the content so the students get a three-sixty degree knowledge of that matter.

If you are a science teacher, then you may opt for the content development of science subjects for various schools and various classes. Having an educational degree in that subject matter makes you a subject matter expert and you can easily become a content developer. It is not necessary that you develop the content or curriculum for a particular subject. You can become a Curriculum Developer or academic content developer for multiple subjects. These jobs pay you good and if you don’t want to continue with it you may even leave it after completing one contract. When you have taken this on a contract basis then they give you the number of days till which you will have to submit the assignment. So, as per your convenience, you can do it. You do not have to dedicate a fixed number of hours every day.

6. Human Resources Sector

The next in the list is a job in the Human Resource sector. A human resource sector is one sector that requires strong interpersonal skills. Being a school teacher, as already said, that you develop several skills, one of the skills being communication skills. You may feel that a teacher and an employee in the human resource sector doesn’t have any connection. This might be true but if you go deep down to the essence of the job requirements of both these streets, then you will realize that both these jobs have the same requirement. As a school teacher, your work profile includes, making students realize their specialties so that they can choose a future where they can fit in.

Similarly, in the human resource sector, your job description includes to tell the potential candidates about their personal attributes and tag them to the correct job. There are many companies that offer employment in this sector on a part-time basis. Nowadays, there are several freelancing opportunities also available in this field. This field pays you a good amount even. You can do this work remotely, depending upon the requirement of the company which is hiring you. You are paid on a fixed basis or you are given a commission, this again depends on the company policy. Comevo is a software company that provides a part-time human resources job. To apply, visit

7. Writing/publishing

As a school teacher, you develop writing and analyzing skills. These skills developed by the teacher makes them eligible to become a good author and write. You can be a novelist and write your book. You can write about the subject in which you have a piece of in-depth knowledge and make it a classroom resource. If you don’t want to go into writing a whole book then you can go for writing short articles for newspapers or magazines. There are many articles writing jobs available which can be done remotely or by going to the office location. Such jobs can be done as a full-time job or as a part-time job.

If you are interested in writing, then there are two options, first, you can either ghostwrite for someone else or the second option is you create your content, blog/website or publish your own book. Writing for someone else as a freelancer, there are many freelancing sites available that give this job opportunity. As a teacher, you undoubtedly qualify for doing this job. Additionally, if you are an English teacher or specialize in English then this becomes the right option for you. The school teachers are very analytical while checking the notebooks of the students. They have a good eye for detail and so they know how to create an error-free write-up. Having said that, not everyone loves writing. So, this might not be a good part-time job option for those who don’t love writing. Internet Brands is providing freelance content writing opportunities.

8. Online K-12 instructor

After school working hours, one of the most popular part-time jobs is online tutoring. You can teach students of the same class you are teaching in school and even the same subjects. Online tutoring is done from home so you will not have to travel anywhere. It is one of the most popular method these days of earning a passive income. You can register your profile at various sites who provide such tutoring jobs, or you can even create your own website and advertise the subjects or classes which you like to teach. Online tutors also have the option to choose whether they want to teach a single student or a batch of students. Since you already are a school teacher, dealing or handling students won’t be a difficult task for you. In addition to this, you already know the curriculum of a particular class and have an in-depth knowledge of the subject that you are going to teach.

The best thing about this part-time job is that you don’t have to put an extra effort into understanding the work because you already are experienced in that work. The only disadvantage of this part-time job is that it becomes a monotonous task. This is because, as a school teacher, in your K-12 job, you are teaching the same thing, and when you come back home, you again have to teach the same thing. So it sort of becomes a little monotonous and may frustrate you at times. Apart from this, there is no disadvantage in doing this job. VIP Kids is a famous online teaching site in China that hires teachers from the USA and gives them a part-time online teaching job. You can reach out to them here:

9. Private tutor

After the working hours of your school is over you can teach students of the same class you are teaching in school and even the same subjects. Private tutoring can be of two types, one where you will have to travel to the student’s place and the other, where the students come to your place. You can register yourself with agencies who provide private tutor jobs or you can advertise yourself in your locality. Private tutoring jobs gives you a huge income opportunity. You don’t need any physical resources for this part-time job, your intellectual resource shall be enough in this case.

This job is no different from online tutoring, just this may be a little strenuous than online tutoring. This is because, in online tutoring, you teach students in the comfort of your home. Whereas, if you are a private tutor, then you may have to visit the location of the students. Private tutoring can be done one on one or in a batch of multiple students. Online tutoring requires a laptop/computer and internet. On the contrary, your intellect is enough for private tutoring.

10. Childcare and Child psychology

If you are a primary or pre-primary level teacher then this is the perfect job for you. In this era, parents face great difficulties in understanding the psychologies of their children. A school teacher who teaches the primary level students can either on a part-time basis open their own children’s psychology center or they can work in a childcare place. Being a teacher of the primary or pre-primary section, you could take supplementary training to be a service provider. So, you can consider this as a part-time job. This lets you earn a passive income but generally, it doesn’t help you earn that much income which you can earn by doing any other above-mentioned part-time job. This is the reason why it ranks last in the list of the ten best part-time jobs for teachers in 2020.

Summing up in Conclusion

To sum up, a teacher is a highly skilled professional, who has a degree in education and also develops new skills as time passes. The most important skill that a teacher develops is communication. They know how to deliver messages which is one of the most demanded skills for any job in any field. They have leadership qualities as they have the skill to make people understand in a very clear manner. The next amazing skill that a school teacher develops while teaching their students is planning. School teachers have to do short-term as well as long-term planning regarding what and how are they going to teach to cover the entire curriculum.

Planning is one of the most essential quality in an employee whether you are doing a job full-time or part-time. School teachers also know how to complete work within a targeted time. They have a fixed curriculum that they have to complete with a fixed time, say, before the examinations conducted by the school. So, they build this skill of completing the given work within the stipulated time. This skill is also the most demanded skill and most employees fail to do time management because of which they fail to complete their work within the stipulated time. Schools teachers develop a lot of personal skills overtime which is highly valued by many organizations. So, if you are looking for a part-time job to do then you can choose any of the jobs from the above-listed jobs.

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