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Words By:
Laurie Medina
Posted On:
July 22, 2016

Better way to Dismiss

There are safer and more efficient ways to conduct after school dismissal. The safety of students is a priority for schools, and dismissal has proven to be a mess. Not only is dismissal time-consuming, it is also extremely expensive. According to this recent article a school is looking to find ways to manage their rising transportation costs. By going digital during dismissal, costs can be cut in half.

Money spent on having security guards, police officers, extra teachers staffed at the end of the day, and even on paper, is significantly reduced when things are managed online. It is exciting to be able to see these cost savings and allot them toward things schools truly need. By going paperless, teachers and administrators are able to spend more time on what is important- ensuring the safety of their students and prepping for the next day. There is no need to still be using walkie-talkies, pens & paper, and megaphones. These outdated forms of communication only cause more expenses and more confusion.

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