Fast Response: How an Emergency Alert System Elevates School Safety

Discover common safety gaps in school emergency plans and how to create a seamless and ultra safe emergency management process.

When an emergency happens at school, you need to know every staff member has exactly what they need to handle it – and fast.

Unfortunately, many schools are still using outdated processes that aren’t accessible wherever you are on campus or don’t support silent communication, and ultimately leave staff panicking unsure of how to proceed.

Without a way to quickly report emergencies and get the right people involved from wherever they are in the building, staff and students can be left waiting for help when seconds matter most.

From this webinar, you’ll understand:

  • The most common safety gaps in school emergency plans. 
  • Key steps to eliminate the gaps with expert-informed safety measures 
  • How reliable technology can fix these issues automatically

If you’d like managing emergencies big or small to be a seamless and ultra safe process for you and your staff, this webinar is for you.

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Dee Bohne Picture

Vice President

Dee brings over 25 years of experience in Education. She loves working in SaaS companies that are passionate about the end-user experience and the company mission is to help make teaching and learning easier. She started her career teaching high school and coaching girls’ varsity basketball.

Sr. Director, Customer Success

Sydney is an experienced Corporate Trainer, Educator, and Client Manager. She is knowledgeable about working with various educational systems and implementation. Sydney has a passion for helping schools enhance their school safety processes and resources.

Sr. Director, Marketing

Virginia started her career working in higher education. Ever since, she has loved helping educators across the world find processes and tech that makes their jobs easier and safer so they can focus on what they truly enjoy – teaching. 

Reimagine Your School Safety Today!

Many schools struggle with safety and dismissal processes that cause confusion and leave students vulnerable. We empower schools to transform their daily and emergency operations with an easy-to-use platform. That way, everyone has peace of mind that students are safe throughout the entire school day and can focus on what really matters – learning.

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