School Emergency Reunification System

Equip your staff with a reliable and easy-to-use reunification tool informed by safety experts.

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Many Schools Lack a Way to Quickly Reunify Families After an Emergency

Without an emergency reunification system in place, schools can find themselves late into the evening trying to reunite students with their families, leaving students vulnerable to secondary trauma and ultimately impacting the community’s trust in their kid’s school safety.

If your school struggles with…

  • Unclear communication channels for staff during an emergency
  • Out of date emergency contact information
  • Unknown or inaccurate reunification progress updates

You need a simple process to manage emergency reunification that includes real-time information and gives everyone the ability to reunite families faster than ever.

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Simplify Your Reunification Process to Improve School Safety


With the Pikmykid reunification system you can:

  • Easily communicate with parents and staff 
  • Replace inefficient paper reunification cards
  • Provide real-time updates on each student’s reunification status
  • Allow parents to name emergency contacts and upload pictures for enhanced safety
  • Practice reunification preparedness drills 
  • Provide documented reports to the district
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How Pikmykid Works During Emergency Reunification

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Staff Check In Kids at Reunification Location

Teacher looking at her ipad and checking in student

Staff Check In Parents & Verify Their Identity

Mom hugging child as she picks her up from school

Parents Reunite With Their Kids

Why Choose Pikmykid?

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Reliable Technology

With years of experience and 99.99% up-time, you can trust your tech is ready when you need it every time.

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World-Class Customer Support

We’re here to guide you every step of the way through highly-rated onboarding, seamless integrations, and year-round support for both school staff and parents.

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Based on Safety Best Practices

Technology built based on safety best practices like the Standard Reunification Method by the “I Love You Guys” Foundation.

Enjoy a Seamless Experience

By using Pikmykid for your daily and emergency operations, you’re able to simplify the process of accounting for students and keeping them safe throughout the entire school day.

Dismissal Management

Dismissal Management

Ensure students are safe from the moment they arrive on campus until they’ve been dismissed. Pikmykid allows parents to instantly updated dismissal plans and teachers to verify those permissions to keep students safe.

School Emergency Management

Emergency Management

Give staff a way to quickly and safely respond during big and small emergencies with an emergency alert system. Staff receive instructions to their devices and can also securely reunite students with their parents during reunification.

Digital Hall Pass

Digital Hall Pass

Create safer pathways for learning by monitoring student movement throughout the day. Setting limits and paying special attention to patterns helps you make informed decisions and keep students safer.

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