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Words By:
Shrisha Saravana
Junior Blogger
Posted On:
August 9, 2017

Here’s some poetry to get you ready for back to school!

Bated breath, early morning

Ready for a day of learning
Lunchbox packed, parent in mourning-
Out the door, lickety split,
It’s the first day- where will i sit?
Excited whispers, nervous stares
As we settle in our chairs
The teachers here- will she be nice?
The class awaits, quieter than mice
Where did summer go? We ask,
And then we focus on our task
Notebooks open, pencils scratch,
Time for recess, let’s play catch!
And the curtains close on another year,
A thousand more memories for us to hold dear

Kids leaving school

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Shrisha Saravana  -  Junior Blogger

Shrisha is a junior contributor to the PikMyKid blog, and at 13 years old, she’s not that bad at it. She lives in Florida and is attending Berkeley Preparatory School in Tampa, one of the first schools to adopt PikMyKid.