Meet Alyssa’s Law Requirements with Confidence

Meet the requirements of Alyssa's Law to improve the safety of students and staff in schools by ensuring that emergency responders are alerted to a threat as quickly as possible.

What is Alyssa's Law?

Alyssa’s Law is named for 14-year-old Alyssa Alhadeff, whose life was tragically taken during the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school shooting on February 14, 2018. The law requires all public elementary and secondary school buildings to be equipped with a silent panic alarm connected directly to local law enforcement.

The law first came into effect in 2019 and many states have since passed or have pending legislature to implement similar laws, including:

  • New Jersey – passed February 6, 2019
  • Florida – passed June 30, 2020
  • New York – passed June 23, 2022
  • Texas – in progress
  • Nebraska – in progress
  • Arizona – in progress
  • Virginia – in progress
  • Oregon – in progress
  • Georgia – in progress
  • Tennessee – in progress


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What do you need to meet Alyssa’s Law Requirements?

So, here’s what you really want to know… what needs to be included in your emergency system for you to meet Alyssa’s Law requirements. Your system must be capable of the following:

  • Directly Notifies First Responders
  • Enables Silent Communication
  • Mobile Transportation (specific to Florida)
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Common Current Emergency Practices

Teachers, staff, and students routinely practice how to barricade themselves in classrooms, hide, so it looks like no one is in the room, and shelter in place until the threat has been resolved.

Most classrooms have instructions for all emergency drills that are to be on a clipboard or in a folder and located near the classroom exit. Accompanying the emergency information are two placards: one red and one green. For fire drills, these placards are held in the air to indicate all students are present and accounted for (green) or a student is missing (red).

During lockdown drills, these placards are slid underneath the door or affixed in the door window to alert administration or emergency responders. Teachers and students are well trained on what to do in intruder situations.

Still, an essential piece of the safety plan is missing. Who is responsible for alerting an outside agency of an intruder, and how can the agency be alerted quickly/silently? That’s where platforms that are Alyssa’s Law compliant come in to address this gap in school safety.


Pikmykid Platform Has Alyssa's Law Measures Built In For Top Safety

The Pikmykid platform has a customizable silent panic button and emergency alert system built in for schools to quickly and easily inform first responders of an emergency on the school’s campus via a mobile app.

first responders

Directly Notifies First Responders

Schools connect the correct responding agency to the emergency alert for a particular crisis, such as medical personnel.
silent communication with Pikmykid for emergencies

Enables Silent Communication

When a staff member clicks the silent panic button, Pikmykid sends out silent text messages and voice calls to report the emergency to those first responders.
mobile transport of emergency tools

Mobile Transportation

The first responders also receive a location ping from the exact location of the staff member so they can address the emergency immediately and know where to go.

How does Pikmykid compare to other tools that are Alyssa’s Law compliant?

Many other tools that address Alyssa’s Law do not include the other important safety integrations to protect students and staff during the entire school day.

With an all-in-one platform like Pikmykid, you’ll have benefits that other tools do not offer:

  • Manage emergencies and dismissal from the same place.
  • Give staff protocol for over a dozen more frequent emergencies.
  • Equip staff with a silent panic button in their pocket.
  • Communicate clear emergency reunification plans to parents and staff.
  • Empower the whole community to react appropriately during emergencies.
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How the Pikmykid Emergency Alerts Tool Works

As former educators and parents, we designed the Pikmykid platform to help school staff react appropriately when every second could save lives. Pat Bhava, CEO, Pikmykid

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