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July 26, 2017

Crafting with your Daughter

These days we have a lot of different toys for children. As we know, our parents

Didn’t have this variety of dolls that our children have. For example, my grandma was making dolls out of zucchini and my mom was making dolls out of flowers. I remember that when I was a child it was so much fun for me and my friends to make those kinds of dolls.

In order to make doll out of flowers, you need any type of flower blossom and a toothpick or match. You need to put the flower upside-down and take the toothpick or match and divide it into three parts. After that, put two parts of it on two sides of the flower (as arms) and the other part on the top (as a head). You can also use a smaller flower as a head. You can stick it on the top of the bigger flower with a toothpick.

In order to make dolls out of zucchini, you just take a permanent marker and paint the face on it.

This is a very good way to spend time with you daughter and create dolls together.

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