Getting Started

Parent Registration

Thank you for being a Pikmykid parent. Our smartphone app opens the lines of communication, allowing parents to have better control over who picks up their children and when. The app also allows same day changes to their dismissal plans right from their phone. You get a real-time alert the moment your child hops on a bus, gets in a carpool, is dismissed to walk home, or goes to an after-school program. Please follow instructions provided per link below.

The app is available for download. Search “Pikmykid Parent” on your smartphone’s app store (Google-Play or iTunes).

Once you have downloaded the Pikmykid phone app, you will press the “Register a New Account” button and follow the prompts to sign up.

Only parents who have a child that attends a school on the Pikmykid safety network will be able to register for a new account and connect with the school.

  • Plan and Schedule transportation changes ahead of time
  • Delegate to authorized contact for any pickup routines
  • Continue the morning checkins from the App
  • Delete accounts when needed
  • Manage back-to-school enrollment and transportation planning
  • Schedule early dismissal plans
  • Keep their emergency contacts list consistently up-to-date and more…

Parents Register/Login Here