Case Study

Transforming Student Dismissals District-Wide


Duval County Schools in Florida

Interviewed Staff

Principal Robinson-Vanhoy

Discover how Duval County Schools in Jacksonville, FL transformed their daily dismissals to ensure district-wide efficiency and safety in their schools.

The Problem

Duval County Schools in Florida sought to streamline their technology infrastructure. Upon discovering the success stories of numerous schools using Pikmykid, the district faced a pivotal decision: limit the technology to a few schools or implement it county-wide. J. Allen Axson Montessori was one such school already benefiting from Pikmykid.

J. Allen Axson Montessori was presented with a challenge of efficiently managing student dismissals when the COVID pandemic began. Principal Robinson-Vanhoy recognized the necessity for a secure and safe system to facilitate student check-ins and check-outs, aiming to minimize contact among students, parents, and staff.

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The Daily Dismissal Story of J. Allen Axson Montessori

J. Allen Axson Montessori, serving over 550 PK3-5 students with two dismissal times, encountered challenges in generating dismissal reports, expediting the process, and ensuring student safety during the COVID-19 pandemic. The existing paper-based system became inadequate, requiring a more efficient method.

Previous Dismissal Process

Before Pikmykid, J. Allen Axson Montessori used paper plates for student identification, with staff announcing names via walkie-talkies. The COVID challenges highlighted the system’s shortcomings, particularly in ensuring accurate communication of dismissal changes via morning parent emails.

The Solution

Jim Culbert, CIO of Duval County Schools, shared, “Recognizing the need for a unified and streamlined approach to dismissal processes across all schools, we were impressed by the success stories and positive experiences shared by several within our district that had already embraced Pikmykid. After careful consideration of the platform’s capabilities, we felt confident to move forward with a proven and reliable platform to build a safer and more stress-free experience for both our staff and parents.”

Efficient and Effective Dismissal Management - with Parent Approval

  • Reduced dismissal time: The car dismissal time, originally ranging from 45 to 60 minutes, reduced to 15-25 minutes
  • Increased safety & teaching time: Teachers can now remain in their classrooms, allowing them to extend teaching time and increase safety, especially in the event of a code red. 
  • Miscommunications eliminated: Because of Pikmykid’s parent app, there is no miscommunication with managing dismissals because the parent can make all changes themselves. This leaves out potential for errors, making it a more safe and secure process. 
  • Efficient and comprehensive reporting: Instead of manually assembling reports from each teacher, Principal Vanhoy can easily generate a comprehensive report in Pikmykid of all the students in the school at once and send it in a spreadsheet to the regional manager and superintendent.

District-Wide Implementation Challenges and Successes

Implementing Pikmykid across Duval County Schools, encompassing 120 elementary schools, presented unique challenges and successes:

  • Smooth Transition: Despite the scale, implementation was seamless, with Pikmykid’s support team handling the heavy lifting.
  • Customized Support: Pikmykid met individually with each school, customizing support to meet specific needs.
  • Efficiency in Training: Holly Lanham, Director Technology Innovation of Duval County Schools noted Pikmykid’s efficiency in setting up, creating training resources, and providing consistent support. This stood out compared to previous implementations.
“There are just different features that I feel like have really helped our school be stronger and safer, and that’s what some of the parents have said, too. It is one of the most comprehensive tools to use and that is why we use it.”
Principal Robinson-Vanhoy, J. Allen Axson Montessori
Duval County Schools in Florida

The Results

45%+ Decreased Dismissal Time

Increased Instructional Time

Enhanced Safety Measures

The Final Verdict

Principal Vanhoy expressed high satisfaction with Pikmykid, emphasizing its role in establishing an ideal dismissal management process. Parents appreciated the parent app for its transparency and convenience. Holly praised Pikmykid’s support and implementation process, ranking it among the best her team has worked with.