Transform Your School Into The Safest In Your District

Join Pikmykid’s FREE Live Demo on July 23rd at 12PM EST and learn how the top schools in Florida are using the Pikmykid school safety and dismissal platform to transform their entire school day to include the highest level of safety standards in the country. 

What to Expect

Manage Your Daily & Emergency Operations Safely

Join Dee Bohne, VP at Pikmykid, and Michelle Gordon, Account Executive at Pikmykid, for this live product demo on July 23rd at 12PM EST as they illustrate why outdated methods fail to keep students safe and showcase how schools in Florida are using Pikmykid to make the entire school day stress-free and ultra safe. 

Florida Combined

This talk will demonstrate how Pikmykid lets schools:

  • Speed up dismissal and reduce dangerous car line traffic
  • Connect with 911 during emergencies
  • Account for student’s whereabouts in hallways
  • Safely reunite students with families during emergencies

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