The Complete Dismissal Management Buyer's Guide

Whether you are exploring if you need a dismissal management solution or which tool to select, this buyer’s guide uncovers all the aspects to consider in the process. Start exploring today!

About The Guide

What is Dismissal Management Software?

Dismissal management software enables schools to automate the dismissal process in order to save staff time, reduce or eliminate miscommunication between staff and families, build in safety measures, and reduce traffic congestion.

Dismissal Management Software, like Pikmykid, can...

  • Document dismissal changes in real-time between parents and school staff
  • Automatically create up-to-date daily dismissal plans that removes students released early or absent
  • Display dismissal progress to all staff like which parents have arrived and students are still on campus
  • Notify parents of dismissal changes like a late bus or cancelled sport
  • Build in safety measures with parent and delegate verification
  • And more!

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Why Would You Need a Dismissal Management Tool?

Dismissal management tools can truly transform the day-to-day operations at a school while empowering parent engagement in the process.

Ultimately, effective dismissal management ensures everyone’s safety, supports peace of mind and returns the focus of the school day to what really matters: learning.

what to expect

In This Guide, We’ll Review...

Hardware & Equipment Requirements

Depending on the tool, you could be looking at zero additional hardware required to thousands of dollars. Discover how to find out what equipment might be required in this guide.

Transportation Modes and Needs

Transportation modes can vary greatly between schools -from single car lines to many different transportation modes. Learn aspects to uncover if the tool can be customized for your specific needs.

School Safety Measures at Dismissal

Dismissal can be challenging because of all the moving parts. When evaluating dismissal management solutions, what questions should you ask to ensure they have safety measures built in?

District, School & Parent Support

Something often overlooked when evaluating software is the onboarding process, as well as the on-going support. Discover what support you should expect for the district, school staff, and parents to create a smooth roll-out and keep staff and parents happy throughout the year.

Staff Bandwidth & Dismissal Efficiency

Transportation modes can vary greatly between schools - from single car lines to many different transportation modes. Learn aspects to uncover if the tool can be customized for your specific needs.

Staff & Parent Communication

Communication can be the most time consuming aspect of dismissal for both parents and staff alike. The countless office phone calls with dismissal changes can get out of hand quickly. Consider the staff and parent communication features that could be a game changer.

Traffic Mitigation

Between unexpected increases in student populations, narrow neighborhood grids, and a critical shortage of transportation options, schools just about everywhere are reporting traffic issues. How can a dismissal management tool help you mitigate traffic issues?

Student Data

One of the most critical factors of an effective dismissal management tool is having an accurate student roster while protecting student data. Read about student data privacy priorities to consider when evaluating a dismissal tool.

Real-Time Insights

Providing real-time insights should be an essential feature of any dismissal management tool, but not all tools are created equal. Uncover what insights you’ll need and why.

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