Best Practices of Emergency Management

Watch this instant replay to discover the best practices for emergency contact management, mass notifications, reunification and more.

The Reality of School Safety

School safety has come a long way in the last decade with more aspects and scenarios to prepare for than ever before. Stray dogs, tornadoes, no electricity, seizures, school fights, and the list goes on of potential emergencies.

Despite considerable planning, you may be left wondering…

  • Are our emergency plans realistic?
  • Does everyone know what to do and where to go in different emergency situations?
  • How will school volunteers and substitutes know what to do?
  • Will we be able to quickly and safely reunite students with families?
  • How will we document when we reunify students and guardians?

There’s good news. Although emergency preparedness is more complicated than decades before, there is also more technology and resources available to help!

We will cover the best practices for emergency management as well as review potential funding available to help level up your school safety this year.

about the speakers


Dee Bohne

Vice President,
Dee brings over 25 years of experience in Education. She loves working in SaaS companies that are passionate about the end-user experience and the company mission is to help make teaching and learning easier. She started her career teaching high school and coaching girls’ varsity basketball.

Sydney Anderson

Senior Director,
Customer Success
Sydney is an experienced Corporate Trainer, Educator, and Client Manager. She is knowledgeable about working with various educational systems and implementation. Sydney has a passion for helping schools enhance their school safety processes and resources.