Maximizing Student Safety & Teacher Time with Digital Hall Passes

Watch this on-demand webinar to discover how a digital hall pass tool can help create safer hallways without adding more work for teachers.

What to Expect

In today’s rapidly evolving educational landscape, the safety and security of students are paramount. Keeping account of students’ whereabouts on campus is a critical component to student safety.

However, knowing when and where students are meant to be while moving in the hallways can be difficult to regulate on a typical school day and the issue becomes heightened when any kind of emergency occurs.

If you’re wondering how to increase student hall pass safety without adding more work for teachers, this webinar is for you!

From this webinar you’ll discover how digital hall passes can help…

  • Mitigate problematic behavior
  • Increase safety and security in schools
  • Reduce paperwork and administrative burden
  • Provide real-time administrative reporting

We’ll also show a brief overview of how Pikmykid’s digital hall pass tool works, including new features released this summer like Student Kiosk mode!