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Before and After School Program Challenges

Managing after school programs can be time-consuming and disorganized.

Do you struggle to…

  • Easily communicate with parents about club changes or cancellations
  • Manage daily before and after school program rosters
  • Keep up with dismissal and schedule change calls
  • Account for students on campus after school
  • Report on before and after school program usage

Many schools and districts face cumbersome after school program management processes that waste time, lack insights, and leave students vulnerable.

If your school is still using spreadsheets or front office calls to manage after school programs, you’re missing out on a streamlined process that takes the burden off your staff, makes it easy to communicate with parents, and most importantly builds safety into each day.

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Meet Pikmykid:
The Easy-To-Use After School Program Management Tool

You should be empowered to run the school day with tools that make it so easy, you can train a substitute teacher in your sleep. We’ve built our tools from years of direct feedback from schools so we know exactly which elements hinder a streamlined process (ahem, google spreadsheets), and how to get rid of them!

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Manage Program Attendance

Account for every student icon

Account For
Every Student

Minimize calls icon

Minimize Front
Office Calls

Communicate in real time icon

in Real-Time

Make instant dismissal changes icon

Make Instant Schedule Changes

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Handle After School Emergencies

Make Managing After School Programs Easy

Automatically keep up-to-date daily program rosters.

  • Receive real-time schedule updates from parent app changes
  • Easily exclude students dismissed early or absent from school
  • Maintain accurate student records with one of our SIS integrations

Save staff and parents time with instant schedule updates.

  • Eliminate office calls about schedule changes.
  • Give parents a way to easily schedule & update plans on the fly.
  • Quickly update parents on program changes or cancellations.
  • Reduce miscommunication and prevent mishaps.

Provide extra safety layers with guardian verification.

  • Verify the identity and permission of each person during pickup.
  • Gain a timestamped record of how kids were dismissed & to whom.
  • Give staff clear custody information to prevent arguments.

Generate real-time and historical attendance reports.

  • Automatically log timestamps of student’s arrival to and dismissal from before and after school programs.
  • Instantly access which students are on campus during an after school emergency.
  • Easily run historical attendance reports for program billing and funding.
  • Strategically plan future programs using insights on current before and after school programs.

Pikmykid has been an absolute lifesaver for our school... The teachers all control when the students leave their room based on bus and car arrival. We can even enter after school activities and tutoring. Parents love how easy it is to announce and it allows us to control the situation without face to face contact. It has been such a blessing.

Karin C., Principal,

How It Works

Parent makes after school schedule changes

Teacher checks in students

Staff verify permissions and dismiss students

Parents notified their kid was safely dismissed

Manage It All From One Place

Whether you’re notifying parents of a schedule change, checking in students, or pulling reports for billing, the platform lets you AND parents manage the process simply. By using a cloud-based platform, you can make real-time updates that keep everyone on the same page without purchasing additional hardware.

Parent mobile app

Parent Mobile App

The parent app is a one-stop shop for your parents to instantly make schedule changes, receive notifications, and announce they’ve arrived for after school pickup.

School dashboard app

School Dashboard

The school dashboard allows your staff to manage student and parent info, as well as view real time and historical reports on dismissal and safety activities.

Student Dispatcher

Student Dispatcher

The dispatcher lets staff check in and dismiss students from wherever they are. They can verify pickup permissions, keep a record of each student, and notify parents.

We're here to support you every step of the way

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World Class Onboarding

Our implementation team walks alongside you to get everyone onboard. With training webinars, PDFS, videos, and calls, you’ll have everything you need to equip your staff and parents in no time.

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Year Round Support

Once launched, your school has access to customer support for your staff and parents all year round. And we’re constantly letting you know of updates to features when they occur.

Reliable school technology

Reliable & Safe Technology

Informed by safety experts, Pikmykid provides your school with the highest level of safety standards. We pride ourselves in the reliability and privacy we provide through a quality technology platform.

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