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Claudette Zoll
Director, Strategic Relations
Posted On:
October 30, 2017

Allergy-Free Halloween

Halloween is a time full of fun, excitement, and tasty sweet treats. For most of us, we can simply indulge in many of our favorite candies. For others, allergies can be life-threatening. In the US, 1 out of 13 people has developed a food allergy. As allergies are on the rise, a food allergy education group developed the Teal Pumpkin Project. The project raises awareness to create a safer and happier Halloween by promoting alternatives throughout the community. Here are some tips to an allergy-free Halloween

To participate in the project:

  1. Place a teal pumpkin in front of your house or an allergy-free Halloween sign
  2. Provide non-food treats (inexpensive toys)
    • Glow in the dark bracelets
    • Halloween stencils
    • Pencils
    • Stickers
    • Molding clay
    • Bouncing balls
  3. Look for items that do not contain wheat (clay) or latex (balls)

You still have the option to pass out candy for the trick or treaters who do not have allergies. Please make sure to keep the food treats separate from the non-food treats for a safe allergy-free Halloween.

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Once a school comes on board, PikMykid defines a virtual ‘geofence’ of approx 200 yds around the school. During dismissal, PikMyKid system automatically identifies parents as they are entering the ‘geofence’ and sequences cars so the school staff can prepare students for dismissal in an orderly manner. All students stay safe and warm indoors during dismissal without interfering with the traffic outside.

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Claudette Zoll  -  Director, Strategic Relations

Claudette, received her degree as an Registered Nurse while raising her four girls. Her passion for education lead her to work for a non-profit school. She worked several years in the school system as an assistant to the Executive Director. There she learned various aspects of running a school. Her dedication to children is what keeps her constantly learning. One day her goal is to travel the world and learn a different language