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Field trips are a fantastic way to enrich student learning, but managing them can be a logistical nightmare.  In the past, relying on paper rosters for attendance, permission slips, and communication has created a number of challenges:

  • Difficulty verifying student attendance, especially when students arrive late or are pulled for interventions.
  • Time wasted searching through permission slips to find parent contact information in case of emergencies.
  • Lack of communication with parents about delays or changes, leading to confusion during dismissal.

Many schools are finding success with a school safety and dismissal platform, such as Pikmykid, to streamline field trip management. Here’s how a platform like Pikmykid can address these common pain points:

school field trip with pikmykid

1. Real-time Attendance with Check-In:

Ditch the paper rosters!  The Pikmykid check-in feature allows for instant attendance updates as students board the bus or enter the field trip location. This ensures all students are accounted for and eliminates the risk of anyone being left behind.

school field trip with pikmykid

2. Digital Permission Slips & Parent Communication:

Pikmykid’s messenger feature lets you send links for permission slips electronically.  This saves paper and allows you to include important reminders about things like sunscreen, appropriate attire, and snacks. This kind of communication allows you to remind parents to fill in the permission slip and stay informed.

school field trip with pikmykid

3. Easy Access to Parent Information:

No more scrambling through paper files!  Pikmykid stores parent contact information securely, making it easy to reach them in case of emergencies or unexpected changes.

school field trip with pikmykid

4. Streamlined Dismissal with Check-In Information:

The Pikmykid check-in information can be used to simplify the return process.  Knowing exactly which students are with each chaperone or on which bus allows for a more organized dismissal.

school field trip with pikmykid

5. Utilizing Tags for Subgroups:

Pikmykid’s tagging feature allows you to further organize students within the larger field trip group.  Tag students by chaperone group or bus assignment for even more granular control.

school field trip with pikmykid

6. Communication with All Staff:

Pikmykid replaces paper records with a digital system accessible to all authorized staff and administrators.  This ensures everyone is “on the same page” regarding student attendance and location.

school field trip with pikmykid

7. Built-in Communication Tools:

Pikmykid’s messenger feature allows you to create dedicated chat groups for each field trip.  This facilitates communication between teachers, chaperones, and parents throughout the day.

school field trip with pikmykid

How Pikmykid Works To Facilitate These Tips

Pikmykid is designed with both schools and parents in mind. Here’s a closer look at how the platform facilitates each of these tips:

  • Schools: Pikmykid offers a user-friendly interface for creating field trip programs, managing attendance, and communicating with parents.
  • Parents: The Pikmykid app keeps parents informed about their student’s whereabouts and allows them to stay informed with teachers or chaperones if needed.

Pikmykid goes beyond field trips!  The platform can also be used to manage after-school programs and off-campus athletic events, utilizing features like Guardian Verification for situations where students have different transportation arrangements for departure and arrival.

By replacing outdated paper-based systems with Pikmykid, schools can create a safer, more efficient, and more transparent experience for everyone involved in field trips and off-campus events.

Request a demo to see how Pikmykid works!

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