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The infamous car line: Parents hate it, teachers dread it, and administrators spend way too much of their time managing it.

When it comes to adopting new technology in schools, one of the most powerful investments a district can make is in school dismissal software. Whether you’re looking to save time, improve communication, or keep track of students’ whereabouts, this game-changing technology may be for you. Keep reading to learn why:

1. Speed Up Dismissal with Fewer Staff

The platform notifies teachers to send the right student out the moment their parent or bus arrives. This reduces the number of staff needed to run dismissal and speeds up dismissal safely.

2. Increase Instructional Time

Teachers can redirect 15 minutes per day back into the learning process with a live feed of dismissal from their classroom. They get to spend less time on frustrating dismissal processes and more on teaching.

3. Make Instant Dismissal Changes

Parents can make changes instantly to how their student goes home using the parent app. This minimizes custody issues and builds in safety by giving parents the control of approved delegates during pick up.

4. Account For Every Student

When a student leaves by car, bus, walking, or to an after school program, it is time stamped and saved in a report. Their parent also receives a notification of their safe dismissal for peace of mind.

5. Manage It All From One Place

Whether you’re helping kids into cars or releasing students from the classroom, the platform lets you manage everything from one place, while integrating into systems and devices you already have.

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6. Equip Staff For Emergencies

Whether you have a campus intruder or inclement weather, communication is key. Enable staff to act quickly with a suite of tools on their devices: emergency alerts, panic button, staff instructions, and location services to ensure student safety.

7. Communicate in Real Time

Whether there’s a bus delay or closure, Pikmykid allows you to notify the right parents at the right time – straight from your dashboard.

8. Minimize Front Office Calls

When plans change, parents can schedule and make updates from their app to how students will go home. This means no more office calls or miscommunications from notes to the classroom.

9. Manage Absentees

The parent app automates the absentee process and enables staff to stay updated on all absentee students: when, why, and for how long.

10. Make Informed Decisions

With a real-time reports of student’s whereabouts, you have everything you need to make informed safety decisions and guarantee everyone is on the same page.


How Schools Use Dismissal Software

More than 2,000 schools trust Pikmykid’s award-winning dismissal solution to keep their campus safe and efficient. Here’s how one school has used our tools:

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