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Do you have a case of the post spring break blues? As we are nearing the end of the school year, teachers, staff, parents and students are feeling…. Exhausted!! Quite frankly, over it all. The homework, lunchtime messes, class transitions, and endless daily car lines. But school technology changes need to be done… So when?

School Technology Changes can be daunting

This time of the year can be the best time for your school to implement new tools and technologies!  Why? By second semester the school has found their rhythm and at the end of Spring Break most of the academic activities are winding down so administrators can focus on budgeting and planning for next year!

Data and studies from past successful rollouts show there is more bandwidth for teachers, students and parents to learn and try new techniques in the Spring semester than the Fall with School technology changes. We at PikMyKid learned this quickly and built a custom Spring implementation process to help our schools benefit from a safe dismissal automation.This helps them start to see results in 4-6 weeks before the school year ends. The PikMyKid team handles all of the ins and outs of the training and implementation for every school and district we bring onboard.

Help use the budget to increase safety: Many leaders make best use of their available school budget to begin PikMyKid and choose the right set of features into the next year. 100% of the schools who started during their Spring semester have succeeded in their rollouts and also signed up for multi year licenses afterwards. Some district teams say this is the best investment of their budget to ensure funding is available for these programs.

Customized implementation steps for Spring:  Our teachers love step by step guidance and quick tips that the PikMyKid team provides for easy engagement and faster implementation. We have built a 3-step process to maximize the benefits in a shorter time period and be ready for the fresh academic year with new school technology changes.   

School Technology Changes in spring

Timing: timing is everything. We see how valuable school staff and parents time is. Between the daily needs, yearly trainings and anything new going on in school, time can be spread thin. Allowing the implementation team to get the bulk of the rollout done during the Spring semester and Summer allows staff to get most of the work done ahead of time. This allows schools to sail through August without added frustrations. We want staff to feel confident and have time for hands on learning, not feel overwhelmed. Being able to start off the new school year with the new process also helps everyone feel more comfortable and any new families learn the new way from the start.


Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability,  but comes through continuous struggle.” -Martin Luther King Jr.

Transitions, changes and procedures OH MY! We know how hard it can be to change a century long system. Overall a new program takes time, especially when you would like to achieve 100% parent engagement. Our PikMyKid implementation specialists always evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each unique school community and help recommend the right time and approach to implement the technology. We are so thankful to our schools who share their best practices and help us make it a seamless experience for new schools joining the SAFER network.

Lets all make School Technology Changes

for those still curious

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