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May 16, 2019

New Features! 

We are working hard to make back to school exciting! A few new features have been added to further assist your daily dismissal system. We have been hearing your feedback and applying it towards our app updates!

1.     Reports Display Button: Teachers and Admins have the option to view any Report from the school portal without having to download to a computer.

2.     Daily Dismissal Automated Email: Teachers and Admins can receive a plan for “All Classes” through their email. This is helpful if they dismiss more than one classroom.

3.     Bus Status Update Tracking Feature: Teachers can update bus tracking from the Dispatcher to Dismissal Progress once the feature has been turned on from the settings wheel.

4.     Check-In All for Bus Routes: Now staff can check in students for individual bus routes from the Check-In tab after you have selected a specific bus route. 

5.     Add Two Bus Routes: Students can have more than one bus route added to their profile.

6.     Reason for Absentee: Teachers and Admins can view the reason for the absence from the calendar home screen.

Please contact success@pikmykid.com with any questions, concerns or feedback.

Thank you for the great year!

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