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Pikmykid and D-Prep Announce Partnership to Advance School Safety and Emergency Preparedness

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TAMPA, Fla., August 23, 2022 Pikmykid, the premier school safety and dismissal platform, announces its partnership with D-Prep, a national leader in emergency and safety training, to help schools strengthen their emergency and safety practices.

School safety is more important and more complicated than ever before. School administration and staff already had the difficult task of managing extreme weather and medical emergencies. They are now also expected to prepare for situations of cyberbullying, pandemic spread, and violent attacks such as school shootings and bombings.

“Through this partnership, we aim to provide practical resources that make big impacts to schools and districts across the country,” shared Pat Bhava, CEO of Pikmykid. “Our goal is to lighten the burden put on school administration and teachers so they are able to focus on students’ education.”

The companies are hosting a free webinar on Wednesday, August 31, 2022 at 1pm ET to discuss back to school safety tips. The webinar is a panel discussion from safety experts Jeff Solomon, National Safety Director at D-Prep, Pat Bhava, and Dr. Brian Van Brunt, Deputy Director of Safety at D-Prep.

Solomon explained, “I’m excited to talk about the critical safety aspects schools need to get right this school year and provide achievable processes they can implement today.”

In addition to safety tips, school and district leaders will uncover through this webinar critical components to an effective ‘all hazards’ emergency plan and common weaknesses in safety protocols.

“This webinar is the first in a series of educational events and articles we will host together. Jeff, Brian, and the rest of the D-Prep leaders all have extensive experience with the various intricacies of school safety. We are elated to share our combined safety research and background to help leaders in education,” Bhava said. 

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About Pikmykid

Pikmykid is the leading safety and dismissal platform that empowers schools to simplify dismissal without the need to purchase, install, or support additional hardware. Many schools struggle with safety and dismissal processes that waste time, leave students vulnerable, and exhaust staff and faculty. With Pikmykid, schools can trade in their outdated methods for a combination of dismissal management, safety and emergency tools, parent messaging, and real time reporting that keeps your staff happy and students accounted for. No more long car lines, endless front office calls, or missing students – just one powerful platform that allows schools to focus on what really matters – learning.

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About D-Prep

The D-Prep Safety Division is committed to providing quality trainings, consultation, and thought leadership on a variety of physical security and behavioral safety issues facing schools, colleges, workplaces, and law enforcement. Our instructors are chosen for their content knowledge, ability to engage audiences, and scholarship in their areas of expertise. Trainings are supplemented with unique client resource webpages and threat assessment tools built through expert systems models. We pride ourselves on repeat client experiences and strive to consistently deliver materials above and beyond your expectations.

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