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Popular Mechanics names Pikmykid 1 of 6 Startups to Watch

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Pikmykid 1 of 6 Startups to Watch

Popular Mechanics has named Pikmykid-Startups to Watch, following our showing at One Spark in Jacksonville! Here’s what they had to say:

Pikmykid calls itself a cloud-based multiplatform school-dismissal management system. If you have experienced the chaos of picking up and dropping off kids at school, this app is for you. If you were stuck at work, unable to scoop up a sick child for a trip to the doctor, this app is for you. OneSpark jurors chose Pikmykid as the No. 3 education-related project. It’s a multiplatform digital system that gives parents instant notifications when, for example, their children get on a bus for the ride home. It is also used to arrange carpools or send real-time alerts to parents & guardians. Pikmykid founder Saravana Pat Bhava says schools that subscribe to the system stand to save about $43,000 annually in labor, transportation, traffic management, and other costs. Chance of making it to market: 9 out of 10. ‘Pikmykid-Startups to Watch’


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