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That Business Show feature with Jamie Meloni

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In these uncertain times, PikMyKid helps parents ensure their kids are safe, at no cost to them! Being funded directly by schools, PikMyKid has been shown by studies to save schools over $50,000 in administration costs!

Our first guest on That Business Show was Saravana Pat Bhava, CEO, Founder, and Developer of PikMyKid. Pat will be coming on the #MorningAir to tell our listeners all about his new tech. PikMyKid is a technology company founded to solve the current student dismissal conundrum in schools across the nation. Cloud-based software provides a comprehensive end to end solution for the entire student dismissal process. PikMyKid is a smarter and more secure process that provides real time updates for parents. Parents also have options to manage any dismissal changed with auditable records for school administration. In a nutshell, PikMyKid helps your child remain safe by getting into the right car or bus for the trip home. Saving time, effort,  and money, PikMyKid is an easily implemented solution to outdated security! Suggest the technology at your next schoolboard meeting. #BeTheChange! If you missed Saravana on the #MorningAir, then head to Tampa Bay Radio now!

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Congratulations to the PikMyKid team on a job well done, winning “Most Innovative Business Idea” at That Business Show’s 1st Annual Awards Dinner.

Did you miss Pat Bhava on That Business Show with Jamie Meloni? Take a moment and watch the interview here!


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