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Words By:
Laurie Medina
Posted On:
April 22, 2016

Bus Safety

Informing your child about proper bus safety is extremely important. From the time they leave to get on the bus, to the time they step off the bus at school or at home, they need to know how to best protect themselves from danger. Taking the school bus is actually said to be one of the safest ways to get to school. According to the national safety council “riding a bus to school is 13 times safer than riding in the family vehicle and 10 times safer than walking”. There are many safety measures already put in place to make sure your child is secure from time time of dismissal until they arrive home.

The school bus itself has an array of safety features, which allow it to be an extremely reliable form of transportation for you child. Some of these features include, the color, the size, and height. Let’s not forget about the flashing lights, stop sign arms, fire exits, and cross view mirrors. All of these features allow for more security than a car. The law even protects children by having all cars stop when a school bus’ lights flash.

In addition to the safety features of the bus, the drivers are also trained experts in child safety. They have specialized training in student behavior management, security, and emergency procedures. They are also required to have background checks, and periodic medical exams, as well as random drug tests to ensure they are operating the buses to the best of their ability at all times. The school bus industry has to meet federal and state laws and they are dedicated to continuing to make school buses the safest form of transportation for students.

Bus Safety Tips

When walking to the bus stop be sure your child:

  • Goes directly to the stop
  • Looks both ways before crossing the street
  • Avoids traffic
  • Does not speak to anyone they do not know

When waiting for the bus be sure your child:

  • Does not go into the road
  • Is paying attention for the bus to arrive
  • Does not try to get on the bus until it is fully stopped
  • Watch their step as they get on the bus
  • Hold on to the handrails when getting on the bus

When on the bus be sure your child:

  • Stays in their seat
  • Does not walk through the aisle
  • Uses an inside voice at all times
  • Does not pick on any other child on the bus
  • Have all of their belongings before getting off the bus

When exiting the bus be sure your child:

  • Holds on to the handrail and watch their step
  • Waits until the driver motions to go until they cross
  • Makes sure the driver can see you
  • Looks back and forth across the street multiple times
  • Keeps their distance from the wheels of the bus
  • Is aware of their surroundings

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