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March 25, 2015

PikMyKid’s School Drop Off App

PikMyKid, a school drop off app is used for managing school dismissal efficiency. It is now featured on hundreds of local NBC affiliates! Here’s an excerpt from a story from an affiliate in Washington:

“Traffic through school drop-off and pick-up lines can rival the Beltway during rush hour. Luckily, there’s a new app for that. Over 185 schools in Fairfax County, Virginia use PikMyKid now. WFLA reports “It is expected to expand into eight states through education company Charter School USA”.

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PikMyKid’s school drop off and daily dismissal app is available for free in both android and apple store. It is for parents to manage their daily dismissal plans and processes. It also enables them to schedule any pick-up changes or delegate to a friend/ family member for pick up.

Saravana Pat Bhava founded PikMyKid to solve the congested and inefficient dismissal issues in the charter, public, & private schools.  The solution, born of need, is a comprehensive safety platform to ensure student safety in schools

making dismissal safer with a school drop off app

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Not only does it make it convenient for the parents, but it also makes the traffic flow smoother. PikMyKid reduces the number of cars in the pick-up line. It also improves the safety of kids in schools.

Bhava says, “We are a mission-driven company. The product’s creation is affordable for all schools regardless of budget.” Title I schools that lack the funding but need to handle traffic are currently using PikMyKid funded through Grants. Bhava created the platform without hardware, so schools wouldn’t have to allocate budget dollars to updating ever-changing technology. There are no swipe cards or thumbprints—PikMyKid is scalable and affordable. Bhava contends that schools located in economically strapped areas should not have to suffer safety precautions and measures.

Over the years, the company has attracted several awards for their accomplishment as a startup and edtech safety platform.

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PikMyKid is a school safety company that creates tools that empower teachers and parents to keep their kids safe during the school day. We have a mission to keep our K-12 kids safe and accounted for.