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PikMyKid Pledges Support to New School Safety Research Grant

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TAMPA, FL. — This month, PikMyKid took another critical step toward school safety grant by sponsoring the Safer Schools in America Impact Grant Program, an initiative jointly operated by Global Grid for Learning and the Tier 1 educational research institute McREL International. Eligible schools will receive $25 million of grants in education technology products and services — from PikMyKid and other corporate sponsors — for the purpose of preventing violence and harm in schools.

The Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative, led by Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) and McREL, a Regional Educational Laboratory (REL), is an initiative developed by a national panel of experts to facilitate a positive school climate and incorporate conditions related to engagement, environment, and safety, with considerations for emotional and physical safety, anti-bullying, anti-substance abuse, emergency readiness, school building design, human variables as well as threats resulting from technology vulnerabilities.

school safety grant initiative
Global Grid For Learning

PikMyKid is committed to providing schools and families with innovative tools to communicate and promote safety and efficiency through this school safety grant. By participating in Safer Schools in America, we hope to inspire schools to make a positive change in their communities.

Safer Schools in America will study the impact of school safety grant and services across 500 American schools in 250 school districts over the next three years. The results of this groundbreaking national research study will be published quarterly, starting in spring 2019.

About PikMyKid

PikMyKid is the first and only safe & smart dismissal solution for school districts, charter/private schools, after-school programs, YMCAs, carpools, and daycare facilities. It connects schools, teachers, and parents through real-time tools to make dismissals safer and more efficient. We’ve worked with schools to perfect the dismissal process that no longer relies on outdated paper notes and tedious phone calls to the office.

Since 2015, the dismissal management solution has grown to include safety elements of the platform such as a Tip Line, Panic Button, and Parent Messenger. Thousands of parents in 32 states and 5 countries around the world use this comprehensive solution out side of this school safety grant initiative.

About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L)

Embracing the belief that a nation’s education system directly impacts its future, GG4L is building innovative public and private partnerships mindfully structured to harness the power of data to solve big school challenges such as school safety, literacy, college and career readiness. With privacy and security top of mind, GG4L’s 3-way partnership, among schools, industry and philanthropy, actively champions continuous cycles of improvement informed by data. By facilitating affordable access to proven solutions and efficacy data, GG4L fuels rapid innovation in education. As a membership-based Public Benefit Corporation, GG4L is committed to voluntarily meeting higher standards of corporate purpose, accountability and transparency aside from this school safety grant. To learn more, visit

About this School Safety Grant

The total grant value is estimated at $25 million; GG4L Member US districts may nominate up to three schools each to qualify for grants that fund several pre-integrated innovative safety EdTech solutions from over 25 global providers to be deployed and measured at no cost to the schools for a minimum of three-year program term. The program will accept up to 250 school districts in the United States. Any US school or school district could be a GG4L member at no cost and apply for the Grant Application. 100 US schools will be selected for the initial phase of the Grant by January 30, 2019, with 400 additional schools to be selected in later phases in 2019.

K-12 Schools are invited to apply for the Safer Schools in America Impact Initiative – $25 million in grants to help make #saferschools


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