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Children are Our Inspiration: Poster Contest by PikMyKid

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PikMyKid’s focus always has been and always will be children. Everything we do is to keep kids as safe as possible and enable them to have a  learning environment that caters to their needs and desires. That’s why we decided to start our annual PikMyKid Poster Contest!

Our mission is to ensure the safety of kids. Drive positive change in their communities. And empower schools with affordable technology.

Engaging Children in Learning

In this world of uncertainty, there are many things keep kids from engaging in their school lessons. Threats of violence, stress about bullying, anxiety about their pickup plan for the day and more, can keep kids from giving 100% to their learning.

Back in 2014, PikMyKid decided to start doing what we can to solve these problems one at a time. And in the past 6 years, we’ve done just that.

PikMyKid Family graphic

Art has a positive impact on children’s wellbeing

“Engagement with creative activities has the potential to contribute toward reducing stress and depression and can serve as a vehicle for alleviating the burden of chronic disease.” – NCBI

In October 2019, we ran a poster contest for our schools to give students an opportunity to express the relevance of PikMyKid in their schools. Giving kids this information is the key to relieving stress and enabling them to learn.

This contest emphasized the impact that art can have on children’s well-being. There have been many studies done into the effects of various kinds of art on the emotional states of humans. Some studies show that creating or looking at art can reduce pain after surgery! We ought to take special care of the youngest among us because they are our future. 

The contest results showcase how involved children are with the entire PikMyKid system. From knowing who’s picking them up to being marked absent at the click of the button, there is no longer as much stress about school.  

PikMyKid poster contest winner pinterest graphic with bottles of paint

The PikMyKid Poster Contest Winner: Northside Elementary School- St James MN

Today, we are proud to announce that Northside Elementary School has won the contest! A student there created this beautiful poster that perfectly describes PikMyKid’s influence on kids’ lives. We would like to shout out their teacher Heather Missling for her wonderful input and direction in creating the poster.

Northside Elementary School is based in Minnesota and they promote a mission of “High Expectations- Real Results”. They are a diverse, creative, and inclusive school community committed to change and fostering respect and embracing excellence!

Their principal Liam Dawson is very involved in everything at school to provide a safe, fun, and engaging learning environment. As a Turnaround Arts school, their staff identifies ways to incorporate the arts throughout their units during the year.

PikMyKid Poster Contest Winning Poster
Artwork by students from the class of Ms. Heather Missiling at Northside Elementary

Kids and the PikMyKid System

Because children are so young, the internet and smartphones have been around their entire lives. Many of their baby pictures were taken on a smartphone or their first steps were filmed on one. With technology being such an impactful part of their entire lives, why has it taken so long for the school dismissal process to catch up with it? 

As a member of Generation Z, I understand what it’s like to not know life without the internet. I often wonder why it took so long for software like this to come into existence. Why did schools use 20th-century technology to solve 21st-century problems?

Making the World Greener

Because of PikMyKid’s involvement reduces carlines, increases carpooling, and minimizes traffic, we have a positive effect on the planet. As an old Native American proverb says, “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” 

Children have always been and always will be PikMyKid's primary focus graphic

Keep Your Eyes Our Next October for the Annual Poster Contest

If you want to get more involved with PikMyKid then keep your eye out for future contests that we run! The PikMyKid poster contest is going to be an annual event that happens every October so prepare your students to get involved in a few months!

Use PikMyKid in Your Programs, Today!

If you want to learn more about the PikMyKid system or the PikMyKid Poster Contest and how it could benefit your school, after school program, or daycare, then set up a FREE demo with one of our school safety consultants today!


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