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2020 will be the year that students, staff, and parents worldwide will talk about for generations to come. Schools closed down, and overnight whole communities went virtual. Millions of families were impacted in countless ways.

During the weeks and months of lockdown, students felt the absence of their school campus, their friends, and their teachers in the company of whom they ordinarily spend at least 180 days each year. 

We Can Learn a Lot from 2020

2020 has not just been a year we will all remember; it has been a year we can all learn from. The human race paused for a moment to take cognizance of our cause for existence. Many expressed deep gratitude to the new unsung heroes of our daily lives, joining forces en masse to drive change for the better and to support each other in small but hugely significant ways.

parent putting a mask on their child in 2020

2020 was different for PikMyKid

Many schools at PikMyKid decided to invest in the comprehensive school dismissal program to enrich their existing safety measures.

Leaders invested thoughtfully to enhance the ‘new normal’ and to limit unwanted visitors on campus at all times. Structured school pickups and drop-offs positively impacted staff and parents – once they took control of the antiquated system and turned that into a hands-off process. When securing funds became difficult, the PikMyKid program investment of $1 per student per month helped schools secure local sponsors, CARES act, Title 1 funds, and peace of mind.

We grew exponentially

We had over 200 thousand visitors to our website, reading our blogs for best practices, and looking for peer views. And there were over a million users and 1000 campuses from all over the world that are now using our program every day.

Each year the school saves 100 hours of phone time + several hours of dismissal routine. Schools save at an average of $300 per day in staff efficiency and carbon emissions savings for parents.

When things got really tough, and schools closed, our platform became the go-to, quick-access tool for many meal-distribution centers and daycare centers in several states. 

We did not always get it right the first time; we have learned many lessons, listened to our customers, and made hard decisions to support schools during these unprecedented times. Through it all, we’ve continued to add tools and resources to help our customers thrive.  

Here’s to 2021

We will expand access to our SAFER emergency alert and Tipline programs. A school’s staff is its most valuable asset, and they should be used where they are needed most- in long-term knowledge creation – not in directing and managing traffic!

We Continue Our commitment to safer school pick-ups and drop-offs.

Managing tight budgets and securing funds for school safety has always been a challenge for school districts. We endeavor to help every school benefit from a safer environment, less chaos during pickups, and increased parent engagement.

We will help our schools:

  • Fund themselves through referral programs (10 schools referred equals a one-year free license)
  • The parent advertisement box provides a free promotional space to secure local sponsorship and a minimum of $500 each month. 
  • We’re launching a points-based credit program where every action is awarded points that accumulate and can ultimately be converted to credit or cashed-out.

PikMykid is committed to making school pickups automated and safe. We’ll service schools in new safety areas with products like PikMykid carline management, after school bus check-ins, and morning drop off check-ins, which more than 1 million parents already use.

We are proud of the partnerships we have built in 2020 and are committed to taking our cause to the next level in 2021. Together we’ll make sure that a safer learning environment is available to every school, irrespective of their zip code. We’re committing to doing our part for a better, safer world during the pandemic and beyond.

Pat Bhava


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