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School Safety Company
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February 19, 2019

Samyr Qureshi is founder and CEO of Knack. Knack is the fastest growing peer learning platform active on 50+ campuses. We activate high-achieving college students to act as a supplemental network of peer educators (tutors, mentors, advisors, coaches, etc.) through a peer-to-peer skill-sharing platform.

By transforming peer education into high-impact, co-curricular activities, we’re enabling students to build, validate, and showcase their 21st-century skills known to be vital for success in the classroom and modern-day workplace.

When institutions work with Knack, they’re able to lift campus engagement, retention, career readiness, and scale student support services without increasing overhead.

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Pikmykid  -  School Safety Company

PikMyKid is a school safety company that creates tools that empower teachers and parents to keep their kids safe during the school day. We have a mission to keep our K-12 kids safe and accounted for.